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The King Swing

Several years ago while adventuring around Moab, Utah a couple of friends and I began experimenting with the concept of using highlines as anchors in space for epic rope swings through slot canyons. The initial purpose of the highline is of course to challenge your sustained focus and balance while walking its length, however, if you begin to think outside the box and flex your creative mind many other ideas begin to resonate… Below are some photos from the most recent “Kingswing” at Smith Rock State Park, rigged and executed by Brian Mosbaugh, Ethan Holt and an awesome crew of Canadians! In addition, the two short videos demonstrate how far a little rigging creativity, team work and rope ingenuity can take you. The first film shows the beginning of this pioneering technique and the second demonstrates the progression of such rigging many years later. May your palms sweat and your heart beat a little faster. Cheers and stay tuned for more video of the Kingswing in action!

~Brian Mosbaugh

Jenny preparing for an exhilarating 200′ of free fall off The Kingline/Kingswing

Heyyyy Fritz! Get your swing on buddy

Fritz both elated and tired from the 200′ of vertical ascension on a bouncing anchor and on dynamic rope

Fritz hanging in space after ascending 200′ of bouncing dynamic rope

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