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Brian MosbaughBrian Mosbaugh is both the creator and editor responsible for the domain “” He lives a simple and balanced life traveling the world seeking out new exciting experiences and documenting his passion pursuits. A lover of outside environments and elevated adventures, Brian once lived in the back of a Honda Element for seven years so he could spend more time immersed in the natural world. He is currently based out of Moab, Utah and Boulder, Colorado where he collaborates creatively with a talented group of BASE jumpers, rock climbers, aerialists, acroyogis and slackliners to push the limits of outdoor adventure. He is one of the founding members of the “Moab Monkeys,” a group of artists and athletes who have historically been at the forefront of progressing outdoor adventure sports and commercial rigging productions. One thing is for certain, Brian loves the outdoors and so can YOU!


Facebook Profile: Brian Mosbaugh

Instagram: @Moabmonkeys

YouTube Channel: Moab Monkeys


Cell Phone: 541.602.6113

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