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Monkeys in Brazil Part 2: Hot and Sweaty Immersion

Finishing up the second week of our expedition in Brazil, the Moab Monkeys continue to rage in the jungles and high above Rio de Janeiro in new locations. Sun exposure, heat exhaustion and high humidity have brought on a different set of challenges during these missions, but luckily rest days have offered enough shade and beach lounging at Itacoatiara and the classic waterline of Pedra da Baleia. Our migration from the heart of Rio’s city to the surf town of Niteroi has opened our travel experience to a thriving community of psyched Brazilian slackliners, who represent some of the best trickliners in the world. Through our collaborative efforts we’ve established a new 45 meter highline (“Sol Opressor”), repeated an old 47 meter project (“Tartaruga Sinistra” currently the longest highline in Brazil) and spent many days tricklining and longlining into the sunset on the beach. Thanks so much to the Brazilian monkeys, Catraquis Crew and everyone else who has offered their hospitable love and support along the way.


~Brian Mosbaugh

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