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Contract & Rigging Information


Dear Interested Clients,

My name is Brian Mosbaugh and I love to creatively construct BIG projects in nature that require unique rigging expertise and high-angle rope access. For the past 5 years I’ve been building a specialized resume in the mountains, deserts, jungles and all types of diverse environments establishing hundreds of highlines, climbing many technical cliffs and becoming very comfortable working around exposed heights. After spending countless hours literally hanging from ropes (usually with my camera), experimenting with innovative rigging techniques and documenting world-class athletic achievements, I’ve begun contracting my experience for various commercial shoots and other professional needs. My unconventional life has opened many doors as a high-angle rigger, stuntman, safety consultant, photographer/videographer and supervisor for unique projects that require vertical expertise and a creative mind. This lifestyle has led to many incredible relationships with the most talented extreme athletes in the fields of highlining/slacklining, rock climbing, BASE jumping and skydiving along with many other professional teams capable of documenting all these activities from new perspectives. To get a glimpse of my adventurous experience, I encourage interested parties to explore this website to witness the huge scale of undertakings I’ve completed with a community of professional athletes and adventure photographers. Whether your commercial needs require someone to “tight rope walk”/highline between skyscrapers in a city, BASE jump from isolated desert towers or build massive rope swings in any environment, I’m confident that I can facilitate your needs!

I guarantee whatever your next upcoming project entails, it can be realistically accomplished with the punctuality and professional approach that I offer to all interested clients. With my team of experienced riggers, professional film makers/photographers, and extreme athletes, combined with our collaborative creativity, we can meet your special requests no matter how outlandish or dangerous they may seem. Our approach to documenting adventure is to work alongside the athletes so as to not hinder their performance but rather capture their talents from beautiful new angles. Spending all my time in the outdoors, living on the edge of adventure, has given me the skill set to be responsible and safe in exposed environments where others often scare or don’t dare to explore. If you wish to contact me concerning your special projects, please feel free to reach out via e-mail or by phone. I promise to work with your available budget and resources to accurately document the extremes of our human explorations in the best way possible. My contact information is provided below and in the above tab labeled CONTACT INFORMATION. I promise to give you my full attention and honest consultation in making your dreams and adventures a reality. The sky IS NOT the limit!

-Brian Mosbaugh


Phone: 541.602.6113

Free Solo


B.A.S.E. Jumping

World Records

The Kingswing

World Travel and Adventure

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