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Monkeys in Brazil Part 1: Of Spirits and Gravity

The Moab Monkeys have officially launched the first video edit from our adventures in Brazil and it’s scheduled to be one of many more coming your way! Scott Rogers and I are excited to be extensively documenting this experience so that the rest of you can hopefully be inspired by our adventures and give some support to our monkey missions by watching, subscribing and sharing the YouTube channel. In the first week of our highlining and BASE jumping expedition in the southern hemisphere, we’ve been raging around with the awesome locals here and completing many adventurous pursuits. Amongst them, we repeated the Classic Gavea Stone highline, which was established by wingsuit/BASE jumping professional Hugo Langel Van Erven in 2006. We also opened a new highline atop the Four Summits above the city. The line was entitled “Brazilian BBQ” in the end and was successfully rigged and walked in a loose fashion due to the fragile anchors we had to utilize. This line was positioned in a beautiful location with the city of Rio de Janeiro in the backdrop and the beautiful salty ocean alongside it. The statue of Jesus could also be seen from the line in addition to other famous landmarks such as the Sugarloaf and other noteworthy natural and urban features. More ideal anchors would have of course been preferred, but when adventure rigging in the hot and humid jungle by steep rocky cliffs, beggars can’t be choosers. You ultimately take what Mother Nature gives you and hope for the best, backing up all your anchor points as best you can.


In addition to all the balanced feats accomplished so far, such as the waterline near Favela da Vidigal and highlines on Pedra da Gavea, Scott Rogers and Hugo have been BASE jumping from various points atop the 2,800 foot tall granite monolith almost everyday. This trip so far has been action packed and the Moab Monkeys are proudly raging hard! Watch the video to get a better idea about what we’re doing down south and the creative pursuits we’ve been pursuing. I hope you enjoy the short film, please subscribe to us at Moab Monkeys on Facebook for progressive updates on the trip and of course to our YouTube channel which is sure to flourish as missions get bigger and Brazil gets hotter.

~Brian Mosbaugh

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