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Stepping into the Abyss

Back in 2010, while highlining above the expansive red rock desert of Utah, a new and innovative rope swing concept was born and put into practice. At this time in my life I had been traveling across the country for several months with an international group of talented highliners/climbers, establishing new highlines in space and breaking world records along the way. We had made a few stops to Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree, San Francisco, among many other destinations, eventually showing up to the majestic desert of Moab, Utah in late November. Along our traveling marathon of crossing lines we were attending the second annual GGBY (Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah) international highline gathering, where some of the best slackliners from around the world were attending for a week long desert celebration. Dozens of lines were rigged and walked, more world records were broken (including the longest free-solo walk of its time at 100′) and people were sharing rigging knowledge openly. Between the creative minds of Jan Galek, Faith Dickey, Jordan Tybon and myself, it seemed a natural evolution of ideas to eventually use one of our highlines for the application of a new rope swing system. We had been collectively playing with this concept at the festival using a similar concept to what legendary rock climber/stunt-man Dan Osman had pioneered many years before us. While honing our walking balance atop these one-inch wide pieces of fabric we were inspired to construct a 70 foot long pendulum rope swing above a sandstone cave. The jumps were successful and the rigging was solid. Everyone felt the sudden rush of excitement in creating something new while experiencing the unforgettable beauty of falling with gravity. We laughed and rejoiced as a group about the accomplishment and then swiftly moved onto our next highlining destination.


This new desert location presented a much greater potential for longer free fall through a narrow slot canyon about 400′ deep and 130′ wide at it’s largest point. Aniticipating the project ahead our hearts began to race with excitement and the our nerves became instantly activated. After finishing the rigging process over many hours and double checking our thorough work, we anxiously stared into the abyss below and imagined ourselves hurdling through the air in the biggest pendulum swing we had ever seen or considered possible… Since it was my birthday that day, I was offered the first human test jump on the system (note that we first used a weighted haul bag as our initial test swing before human trials). To say the least, I was both anxious and excited for the opportunity ahead. I strapped on my climbing harness, tied into the rope swing, pulled myself out into the middle of the canyon (on a tyrollean traverse we had made) and dropped into the slot canyon with a giant grin on my face. After the adrenaline subsided and nervous faces of onlooking friends transitioned into relieved expressions. The proof of concept had been solved and suddenly everyone couldn’t wait for their terrifying turn on the new vertical ride we had devised.


Flash forward to 2013, after hundreds of highlines had been rigged/walked all over the world and my experience pioneering rope swings developed even more, I was approached by Scott Rogers to supervise the first commercial film project of our enormous canyon rope swing. The video montage I had published from the first rope swing experience surprisingly caught the attention of over 400,000 YouTube viewers in a short time and was featured on several international television shows and CNN news. Read more