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“Highliners” the Movie


“Over a year ago, I didn’t even really know anyone who slacklined or highlined. I had known about highlining for a few years, watched many videos on the internet, but when you don’t know anyone doing it, it feels difficult to approach and understand. I finally got fed up with the fact that I had no idea how to make this sport apart of my life. So I emailed probably about thirty people with cool videos on Vimeo and YouTube asking where I should start. Brian Mosbaugh, a highliner from Oregon, responded kindly and ended up inviting me to meet him and his friends around Smith Rock State Park. My first day there, I walked my first highline, and then rigged and walked another one the next week. I started walking longer slacklines on the ground and lines made from different materials. I felt so moved and inspired by this sport, the kindness of the people who practice it, and the natural beauty of the places where it is practiced. The combination of these three things have completely changed my life. They have made me clear on a life I want to live and work for. Parts of myself that used to feel anxious, fearful or depressed now seem to feel calm and whole, and all I want to do is be able to share this feeling with as many people as possible.

This film will share the stories of different people who practice this sport, leaving the viewer feeling like they have met the highliners themselves. My goal is to document and share highlining in an honest, inclusive and engaging way that will impact the viewer long after the credits have run. I want people to be inspired by these stories and the pristine beauty of the world we live in. I want to remind the audience that there are many kind, generous people out there who are doing incredible things. The film will be engaging for anyone, people who slackline and those that don’t. Regardless of their interests, it is my goal to get the viewers psyched on dedicating themselves to whatever they care deeply about.”

~Grant Thompson

You can check out more of Grant Thompson’s short films at his Vimeo account website by clicking HERE

and by following the progress of his debut film Highliners by clicking HERE

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