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Epic BASE Jumping and Highline Collaboration!



Since 2013 has rolled around, outside temperatures in Moab, UT haven’t been above freezing for very long… In fact, they’ve been hovering in the teens mostly and dropping as far as -15 degrees Fahrenheit at night! When it comes to the winter, and cold climate in general, I typically scare away running south to environments resembling summer and pretend the planet doesn’t tilt on its axis in a balanced way. This year, however, has brought on new changes and challenges and I’m finally starting to embrace, if not tolerate, these very cold conditions. My camera batteries are in revolt from the decision but remain relatively cooperative, allowing for some incredible feats to be captured with a little extra charging. One might assume I would take up a winter sport now and finally enjoy the mountains on skis or a snowboard, however, my passion continues leading me on a path of highlining, rigging and adventure filming/photography in this beautiful space of unlimited desert adventure. Since returning from Joshua Tree during the holidays, I left beautiful Utah in its typical glory of red cliffs and warm temperatures only to return to a different, yet subtly familiar landscape, which maintains a lingering layer of white and has given me a new appreciation for indoor heating.

The weeks have “flown” by as one project has led into the other, all of which have been full of new learning experiences and opportunities to meet amazingly gifted people with a similar drive to document adventure sports on the cutting edge. Above is a brief trailer of footage compiled between, Moab Monkeys and the epic SkySightRC team which Andy LewisScott RogersDaniel Moore and I have been working with to capture some of the most breathe taking and inspiring highlining/B.A.S.E. jumping footage I’VE EVER WITNESSED captured on film. I’m so excited to be surrounding myself and working with such motivated and talented individuals. Every person has contributed somethings special to this project and I very much look forward to the adventures to come from all our hard work and raging in the cold. As history tends to repeat itself, the continuing cycle of adventure is guaranteed to mature into the next step of what is shaping up to be an amazing year so far!

For more information concerning SkySightRC and the awesome work they’ve been doing, check out the links listed below. Make sure to “Like” their pages and follow up on continuing projects as they capture life from new unparalleled aerial perspectives never before seen!

To Check out more of what the Moab Monkeys of extreme athletes are up to around the world, subscribe to our new YouTube channel and stay up to date with our adventures on Facebook.

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