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Nora Dragoon

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To the spectator, rock climbing may look “simple and childish” or “extreme and dangerous”, but they often fail to notice the truly calculated, strategized and designed route. When rock climbing, natural instinct collides with logical problem solving to form the rock climbing mindset. With the self-proposed challenge of scaling a seemly sheer vertical wall in the most efficient manner, a rock climber applies geometry, physics, grace, force, technical skills, and the concept behind the game of chess, to reach what may look to be an impossible height.

Every climbing route has the same general steps or as we know it in the design world, the process. There is the beta, or research, where information is gathered that pertains to the particular problem. Then there are a multitude of sequenced moves, which easily correlates to ideation and model making. The problem statement is always the crux, the hardest part of climb or the largest hurdle to overcome. And lastly is the red  point, when the problem has been solved and a solution has been found. When all these steps are implemented, there is a clear reflection of the design process as a whole.

Having invested over a decade to a multidimensional problem solving sport, it is unquestionable that these skills and thought processes have infiltrated my everyday life and which subsequently dictates the approach I employ when tackling any given problem. The samples of my work, in my portfolio portray my problem solving skills, ability to adapt, and an attachment to nature.

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