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Brave Badass Babes BASE Jumping


Despite the 100 degree temperatures outside, the Moab Monkeys have been up to all sorts of new adventures and outdoor projects recently, constantly raising the bar of extreme sports and having a good time as usual. Alongside all the accumulating action, we’ve been filming, photographing and logging a lot of computer time trying to publish some of our stories for the public. Adding to the accelerating excitement, we’ve also signed a new video contract with EpicTV for the remainder of the year, an on-line website that showcases all sorts of adrenaline sport videos from around the world. So, what does this mean for you and the MMonkeys? Well, we’ll finally have a bigger outlet to share our adventures and maybe make some money to fund bigger future projects to continue our progressive shenanigans! Very exciting indeed!

To kick off our channel’s creation, we decided to start with a crowd pleaser… Although not the traditional route of most BASE jumping videos, this short film demonstrates the deadly combination of good looks and impressive talent coming from our lady Monkey contingency. This group of women will blow you away with not just their appearance, but also their bravery, focus and fun loving attitude. Capable of seducing death and staring it down with a confident smile, these talented ladies share a passion for outdoor adventure and living freely. Capable of rock climbing on a world-class level, shredding the air under canopy like pros, jumping from intimidating cliffs and balancing on highlines over massive exposure, they have it ALL!

To fill the roster, we’ve got Jill Kuzman, Lauren Crepeau, Hayley Ashburn, Amber Finley and Sarah Watson. These stunning women are collectively some of the most talented female athletes out there today, experts in not just one specialized extreme sport but many. To their credit, they uniquely complete the tri-fecta of BASE jumping, highlining and rock climbing. Not only do they jump from cliffs regularly, but Jill also kills it with incredible flips and aerials in BASE, Lauren is one of the best up and coming female slackliners out there, Hayley crushes the rock putting up new first ascents and exploring the scary world of aid climbing, Sarah sends 5.13 trad and sport climbs like it’s a warm up and Amber boasts a long history of skydiving and is quickly learning the ropes of Moab’s vertical rock playground. Without further boastings… just watch the above film, LIKE it, SHARE it, and maybe even have a laugh or two in the process! It’s the 21st century folks, lets take life a little less seriously and celebrate the beauty of living life on the edge in a bikini… The world would be less complicated if we all embraced this type of freedom more often!

~Brian Mosbaugh

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