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A New Era of Adventure Sports

Andy Lewis getting the full-man send and FA of Ilbo Baggins atop Raptor Tower.

Andy Lewis getting the full-man send of his newly established tower line, Ill-Bo-Baggins. This monster weighs in at 262 feet long!

In my many years as a traveling athlete and documentarian, I’ve had the incredible privilege to work with countless talented individuals while capturing an array of adventure sports and outdoor lifestyles. Many of the amazing people I’ve met along the way have since become long time friends and companions, with whom I spend a lot of time sharing epic adventures and moments of fear in high places. Throughout the process of improving my balance and pushing my limits as an athlete and rigger, I’ve also chosen to film and photograph the progressing sport of highlining. I was originally motivated to do so because I realized the unique value in what I was witnessing around me and a lack of people documenting it. World records were casually being shattered, new highlines invented and projects seemed to be getting bigger and bigger with greater momentum. Very few of us had nice cameras, or cared much to record these events, because we were too busy actively “doing” rather than documenting. At a certain point I had to make some big decisions about how I wanted to spend my energy and invest in my future. I eventually bought a camera and began devoting more time behind the lens, where I now experience these adventures from new perspectives. I would love to say everything has been easy during the transition from doing to filming, but it hasn’t always been so. Finding the appropriate balance between participating with the experience and setting myself apart to capture it, has at times been very hard. It’s one thing to be casually laughing and chatting with your friends in nature and quite another to be posted up on a distant cliff alone to document it all. Sometimes I have the strong urge to put the camera down and return to the moment without the filter of a mechanical lens, but the longer I spend finding balance with my chosen responsibilities it all comes together in a healthy way. Over all, I realize I’m in an incredibly unique position to be immersed in the evolving progression of a new developing sport and to simultaneously be there capturing it in real life. Despite having to sacrifice personal time for my own athletic improvements, in return I get to share the radness of what my friends and I are accomplishing behind the scenes of a modern city life. Hopefully the shared images and films have reminded others that adventure is still alive, and that wild places exist for getting lost and finding oneself again.

Andy Lewis getting the full-man send and FA of Ilbo Baggins atop Raptor Tower.

Andy Lewis getting the full-man send of his newly established tower line, Ill-Bo-Baggins. This monster weighs in at 262 feet long!

If you ask any of my close friends regarding the footage I’ve accumulated over the years, I’m sure they’ll express a certain frustration that it’s not posted on Youtube or any other public website. Well, it’s a true statement but one that has an explanation… I absolutely love being in the field to capture the action of adventure but I’ve struggled to muster the same enthusiasm for sitting in front of a computer screen for endless hours to edit it all. I was never hoarding such material without the intention of sharing it, I was just always on the move and living out of my car from one destination to another. My focus was based on continuing to be active and to document the experience along the way, with the expectation that one day the right time would come and I would sit down in a creative space to put it all together in a digestible manner. With the creation of this website, I finally have the platform to release it and a real house where I’m able to process the material. In addition, I had long been searching for a partner in crime to share the story telling experience and collaborate on future projects to capture more than one angle. I’m proud to announce that Scott Rogers is the man and we’ve recently begun working together on a series of video edits to finally share online. In little time, we’ll be launching our first compilations together under the new team title of Moab Monkeys. Both Scott and I have long been documenting the slacklife with a shared commitment and passion, and now we have the opportunity to pool our creative minds together to accomplish some impressive feats. Our goal is to be always documenting the adventurous lives of gifted athletes in the fields of slacklining, rock climbing, BASE jumping and many other disciplines, from all around the world. The mission statement is to inspire others to pursue better balanced lives and to spread the love for outdoor adventure as a beautiful means of experiencing life.

Hayley Ashburn walking like a champ!

Hayley Ashburn walking like a champ while the crew hangs out on Raptor Tower!

As we sift through our extensive archives of unpublished media and prepare to release some edits, we’re still continuing to fill up our hard drives with new material of current projects on a daily basis. In Moab, we balance our time and energy editing on computers and playing outside, trying not to take life too seriously. We love to travel and enjoy life, and at the moment we anxiously await the return of our passports with a new travel visa inside. After an amazing month last year raging in Thailand, where as a group of ten highliners and climbers we established new world-class highlines, deep water solo routes and over a dozen new waterlines, we’ve decided to team up on another expedition with Andy Lewis and Hayley Ashburn again. As of mid-February we’ll be setting off on a 35 day expedition to Brazil, where we plan to explore and document the lush jungles, beaches and waterfalls with epic slacklines and BASE jumping in mind… Stay tuned for new footage to be released and updates on life in Brazil!

~Brian Mosbaugh

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  1. David Macias #

    Totally awesome Brian and as a photographer I can totally relate.

    February 2, 2013
  2. grant #

    awesome Brian, I’m really excited to see what you guys put together. It’s so true, spending time in front of your computer is not exactly the best part of it but it’s completely necessary, or else your footage doesn’t really come alive. But at the same time, it is so important to balance that time spent editing with time spent connecting with nature to keep your inner flame alive and vital and your perspective fresh.

    You guys make me want to go out to Moab!

    Have a killer time in Brasil

    February 2, 2013
    • Thanks Grant! You’re words are right on and I’m trying to find a better balance between doing and editing, it’s a learning process for sure! Best to you with your film and all life pursuits, I look forward to the next meeting 🙂

      February 2, 2013

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