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The Shutter Speed of Jared Alden

Jared Alden is both a great friend and extremely motivated photographer of adventure. He has surrounded his life with a running theme of world exploration, rock climbing and of course slacklining/highlining. He is an extremely gifted athlete, father and artist, equally capable of capturing the magic of a wedding, the smiling innocence of a child and the gritty lifestyle of adventure in the field. Without a doubt, Jared will take extra risk for the ever fleeting G.T.S. moment (Get That Shot) which is clearly evident in his portfolio of work. As an avid slackliner and rock scaler he has become fully integrated into the international highlining community and has had the opportunity to document some of the biggest achievements in slacklining history. Many words could be shared on his behalf, however, as they say “a picture is worth a thousand,” so I’ll let the images speak for themselves. To explore the greater works of Jared Alden click on the respective links below or CLICK HERE to follow his current adventures on Facebook:

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